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Dad's 80th Birthday

January 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

     On January 25th, 2014 we celebrated Dad's 80th Birthday.  I've attended a few birthday parties over the years, but I would have to say that this was one of the best.  Not just for the fact that we were celebrating Dad's 80th, but because I had a hand in the "conspiracy", heheh. 

     I received a phone call about 2 weeks prior from my Aunt Judy.  My Aunt and Uncle wanted to come to Canmore on a surprise visit to see Dad for his 80th. The plan was to have them call Dad first, and then walk through the door, he wouldn't know that they were coming until they walked through the door.   It worked absolutely perfectly. 

Uncle Wally and Aunt Judy started out by calling Dad.  Our family typically calls each other on birthdays, so this was really  not an entirely unexpected call.


Meanwhile, my job was to sneak to the back door and unlock it. I also had the camera charged and ready to go.  Uncle Wally and Aunt Judy came in through the back door....


Dad is still on the phone at this point, thinking that he is talking to Uncle Wally and Aunt Judy back in Edmonton.  Meanwhile, Uncle Wally and Aunt Judy are coming up from behind....


Dad now realizes that they are here for real!


Living at opposite ends of the province, we don't get together as often as we would all like.  But the times we do, it is really great.  We all had a lot of catching up to do.


My birthday card to Dad.  I found a great old picture and stuck it inside the card...

This was scanned in from a picture that was taken in about 1958, I added the text.  Ah, I love these kinds of pictures.


Dad, getting a card from his Grand daughter, Julia.


Dad with Grandson Max.


Dad and my brother, Don.


Everybody is arriving for the party.  Always good to have the family all together.


Don, Dad, and my other brother, Rob.


Julia's card to her Grandpa.  Julia has a great creative flair, she has done some fantastic projects like this.


Max and Grandma.  Max is seldom without his iPad or iTouch.  He loves his video games.


Uncle Wally, holding court.


Max, giving Grandpa a birthday card.


This was an electronic card, it had a birthday cake and a fire engine siren sound when you opened it up.  Max was howling, he thought that this was hilarious.


Max, holding onto Morgan.


We had a Birthday Pizza for Dad, complete with a customized "80" theme in olives.  It doesn't get much better than that.


Now that is an awesome pizza.


Julia, playing with Morgan.


Yes, we are a Ukrainian family.  I remember family gatherings from years ago where there was rum bottles all over the counter and table.  I guess some things just don't change?


Cheers, Dad!


A closer look at Julia's card.  Home made cards are the best.  Good job, Julia!


Mom, checking out the card. 


Checking out a few pics on the ol' iPhone.


One of the coolest uncles ever.  Uncle Wally was due to leave a couple of days later to Las Vegas to the Vegas Motor Speedway.  Uncle Wally has been enjoying retirement, while still serving as part of the pit crew on a funny car.  I still remember the B-fuel dragster that he used to race in Edmonton when I was a kid.  Absolutely awesome stuff.


Dad, talking to his nephew Chris.


Mom and Lady, Don & Di's little dog.


Don and Morgan.


The ol' 'stink-eye', haha.


Julia, setting out the candles on the cake.


The family group photo.  I had my camera set up on a stack of drink coasters to get this shot.


Max and Julia, helping out with the cake.


Our expert cake cutters.


Everyone is enjoying a bite of cake.


Gathering around the living room after dinner and cake are all done.


Max and his Dad, playing video games. 


Dad's other nephew, Ryan, calling to wish Dad a happy birthday.  Dad isn't used to these smartphones.


Max was having a blast, watching 'Family Guy' video's on YouTube. 


Uncle Wally, snapping pictures of his nephews.


I love Max's shirt.  That's probably the X-ray Technologist in me that sees the awesomeness of that shirt.


The two brothers, chatting. 


Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!





Miss those days. Great times and great memories.
Thanks James!
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