James Protz | Calgary Flood Photos - June 23, 2013

Calgary Flood Photos - June 23, 2013

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This is a collection of some of the flood damage that I was able to see around the Calgary area.

23June2013-322 23June2013-323 A day after the rains stopped, the Bow is still flowing at much higher than normal.  It didn't overflow onto Bow Trail near the west side of Downtown, but it came pretty close.


23June2013-324 The highest water level can still be seen here.  It went down a bit since the river crested, but not by a whole lot yet.


23June2013-325 23June2013-328 Debris can still be seen under the walkways.


23June2013-330 It sounds like Niagra falls near the bridges.


23June2013-331 23June2013-332 23June2013-333 23June2013-334 23June2013-335 23June2013-336 23June2013-337 Not sure that I would want to be walking around out there....


23June2013-338 Well at least someone found a dry spot.


23June2013-339 Poppy Plaza, just off Memorial Drive.


23June2013-340 It almost had the feel of a battleship.


23June2013-341 I might have to return here to take a before and after picture of the bridge.


23June2013-342 23June2013-343 Believe it or not, there is a walking path under this overhang.


23June2013-344 23June2013-345 23June2013-346 Police are not letting anyone onto the Louise Bridge.  Probably because it is one of Calgary's older bridges and the water was running pretty high still.


23June2013-347 23June2013-349 23June2013-350 In the Sunnyside neighbourhood. 

23June2013-351 Crescent Heights.  Lots of news trucks and people coming out to see the damage...


23June2013-352 ...and unfortunately, there is still a lot of it.


23June2013-353 The sound of sump-pumps are everywhere. 

23June2013-354 23June2013-356 23June2013-357 23June2013-359 23June2013-360 This Police car got caught in the flash flood.  The officers were busy trying to get everyone in the houses and buildings evacuated, but didn't have time enough to get out themselves.  The car has been there for the last 2 days.

23June2013-361 People and news crews everywhere.  Crescent Heights was one of the few safe spots to see the damage.  There was a major flood to the Sunnyside area in 1932.  But unlike that one, the 2013 flood is probably one of the best documented disasters in Alberta history.  Everyone has a camera, and everyone was taking pictures.


23June2013-362 23June2013-363 23June2013-364 23June2013-365 Memorial drive is just to the right of the river, it is still under water.


23June2013-366 23June2013-367 23June2013-368 Somewhere under all of that is Princess Island Park.


23June2013-369 One of the cars that didn't make it out before the flood hit. 

23June2013-370 23June2013-372 Another look at a submerged Memorial Drive.


23June2013-373 23June2013-374 23June2013-375 23June2013-376 23June2013-377 23June2013-378 23June2013-379 23June2013-380 23June2013-381 23June2013-382 23June2013-384 The pathway under the Centre Street Bridge. 


23June2013-385 23June2013-386 23June2013-387 23June2013-453 A composite of ten separate shots, all knit together in Photoshop.


23June2013-454 23June2013-413 23June2013-414 Another submerged pathway under the Centre Street Bridge.

23June2013-415 23June2013-416 23June2013-417 23June2013-419 23June2013-420 Even though the water has receded, the mud is still everywhere.


23June2013-421 Sandbags in front of a building parkade.


23June2013-422 More mud on the sidewalks.


23June2013-424 The Old Spaghetti Factory in Eau Claire.  Apparently the "X" is supposed to let the authorities know that everyone is out of the building.


23June2013-426 Princess Island, near the Riverwalk Cafe.  It looks more like the Florida Everglades.

23June2013-427 All the danger areas are taped off by the police.

23June2013-428 23June2013-429 23June2013-430 23June2013-431 I have stood on this ledge to take pictures many times before.  Now it is a waterfall.

23June2013-432 23June2013-433 23June2013-434 Hard to believe that the water actually snapped off this beam.


23June2013-435 23June2013-436 23June2013-437 23June2013-438 23June2013-441 23June2013-442 Where those two trees are in the centre of the frame, I watched an Indian wedding about a year ago.  Sure doesn't look the same anymore.

23June2013-455 23June2013-449 This cop was awesome, he gave a kid a quick tour of his car while Mom took pics.  And demonstrated the siren.  Scared the @#$ out of everyone, haha.


23June2013-450 23June2013-452

The ducks seem to be taking it all in stride.


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